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Follow -up

Here are some pics to follow up with what I chatted about on the last episode.


I used green and white floss of unknown origin, in the same needle, to make the words in this one. This is stitched on Kona grey



This one is done with some lovely Aurifil floss that came on some nifty wooden spools.  Stitched on Southern Belle white


I used various floss of unknown origins on this one. I was using up leftover floss for practice, but everything will be perle cotton from here on out. This was stitched on Kona grey


And here’s a shot that shows some of the quilting detail on “Prego… but no bunnies”

LDQ #51 Matters of the Heart

Hey guys! It’s a long one this time. I guess I had a lot to say. I talked about hand applique, hand embroidery, quilt guild show and tell, a few binding tips.. Ya know.. the usual.

CORRECTION: In this episode I talked about a musical act we saw on vacation.. I called them “The Fog” but they are actually “Fog and Bone”
Sorry about that. Check them out on facebook

Go Quilt Something!

There were a couple at the guild meeting who thought I was wearing a wig… seriously? who would do that on purpose?


Bookshelf Quilt Pattern ~ and three winners

If you are looking for my paper piecing tutorial video, CLICK HERE


Over the July 4th Sew In weekend, I had two extra days off. I made this new sample for my bookshelf pattern. We will be showing it at tonight’s guild meeting, because it’s the pattern I will be using for the next in our skill builders series of classes. Paper piecing! I pulled out some batik scrap strips and quickly realized I didn’t have any brown fabric for the wood of the shelf. Luckily, I did have a red bamboo print that worked very nicely! Now it will match my red and white sewing room after it has done it’s job, hanging as a sample at the shop.

I have three J4SI winners and they will be receiving this pattern. *Drumroll*

@DDRQuilter, @Blessed2Quilt, and @AmyJoDubya

This pattern will also be available through Craftsy, starting this afternoon, so if you didn’t win, go get one! My free tulip pattern was downloaded 466 times.. If this pattern sees even a fraction of that action, I’ll be thrilled! I’m looking forward to seeing all the creativity you guys add to this pattern. The best part of designing quilt patterns is seeing what you all do with them. <3

The blocks finish at 5″

I kept them small for two reasons.. so that each will fit on a printed page, (there are 16 blocks) and I just love small blocks! The size doesn’t make it more difficult to piece. Quite the opposite is true. Foundation paper piecing is much easier if you aren’t trying to fumble around with a large piece of paper. I even have a couple brand new beginners who don’t even sew yet, that are thinking of taking this class. I’m totally confident I can have them sewing blocks on their own by the end of the class day. They made need to then take another class on borders and bindings, and one on machine quilting,  but this will at least get them started making a top.

Feel free to have them enlarged 200% if you want them bigger. Or, for a bigger quilt, simply make more of them.

Click the picture to go to the Craftsy pattern page.

LDQ#50 Perky Dreams

I got the last Easy Street quilted.. though now I am feeling like I mistakenly said Celtic Solstice.. I did NOT make a Celtic Solstice.
I’m making some half light/half dark w/ green diagonal postage stamp blocks. I am aiming for something similar to THIS but perhaps a bit smaller.

Thank you to JENNY for emailing me about the corrections in the Hobo Quilts book, by Debra G Henniger, which I spoke about last week. I can’t find anywhere online that has corrections posted, but there are some old reviews on amazon that mention someone was able to get them from the author. I think I can probably just figure them out myself by doing a little math. I am sure I will talk about it when/if I get around to making the blocks. Thanks, Jenny! and sorry I called you Janet. But, Jenny is a nickname for Janet, so perhaps I haven’t offended you too deeply :-)

Sorry for the lack of pictures this week.. and in the past weeks.. I PROMISE to get my sheet together.. :-)

thanks for listening!

Now, do what Larry said!

Bear Claw Giveaway!

And this is a calorie free bearclaw! I made this with top quilt shop quality, 1800′s reproduction fabrics. It is 55″ square. AND….. it could be yours! The quilting and binding is up to you, I did the easy part :-)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

LDQ #49 A Red, Red Rose

In this episode I talked about how I made my Summer postcard quilt. I will show a pic later this week when it has arrived at its new home. I talk a  lot about cleaning and organizing my sewing room (riveting story.. very exciting) And I found some more UFOs.. like this one, A Red, Red Rose. I haven’t decided if I will do some FMQ in the different flower sections or not.. Any input? whatcha think? I think it looks great in this room!



Go Quilt Something!

(and stay away from turkey bacon.. that’s nasty)


LDQ #48 Schrödinger’s Quilt

If you’re unfamiliar with Schrödinger’s Cat, or the principle therein, read THIS first and you’ll understand why a quilt that hasn’t been turned over yet, has, in theory,  both perfect and completely jacked up stitches :-)

I got three quilt bindings done recently, and I think I may never do a hand binding again.

Mr. Furly, Tea Time, and Fugly Fairies

The rain hasn’t let up, so I will have to post some pics when the yard is dry and I can get some good lighting.

I’ve also quilted the monster string quilt, and I will have a pic when I get the binding done on that.

I’m making slow progress on my blue and white Dear Jane quilt blocks.

And this is what’s making me crazy ..




LDQ #47 Larry, Curly, and Mojo

I hate the three stooges, HATE.. but I couldn’t resist that title for this episode. Larry (Tina’s hubby) did my intro and outtro..  I’m curly,,  and one of Tina’s dogs is named Mojo :-)

In this episode I give an update about the Twilter Round Robin. I talk about work, my current works in progress, and my visit with Tina.I had the best time hanging out with her and her husband. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met!

We did feathers together!! She uses the hump and bump kind and they are awesome!



Go Quilt Something!


Several months back, I submitted several quilts and patterns to magazines. Out of all my submissions, I got one response, asking for some revisions and colour options. After making those revisions, I sent it back and never heard from them again. so… *raspberries* to them. I never even got a response to this submission. I don’t want to keep it to myself anymore. I want to share this quilt with you. I have written a pattern for it, in a reverse engineering kind of way since I pieced it without a plan from the beginning. I’m not sure yet if I will offer it up for sale, or free.. I mean, it starts with something like “Cut 536 triangles of various colours” LOL!! So, I am not sure how many people will actually want to make it, but it sure it great eye candy!

I started with a huge stack of batik charms. If you were with me at the beginning of the podcast, you may remember that my first giveaway was to guess how many squares were in that pile of batiks.
After cutting a triangle from each square, I used the leftover bits on the sides, and pieced oodles of two toned triangles. Then I trimmed them down to size and used them on the borders. For an idea of scale, the little squares in the border finish at one inch. :0

Rainbow Mountain

Wrap~Up Wednesday

On Monday, my day off,I spent some time at my sewing machine. I’ve been looking at some nifty dish drains online and thought of ordering one, but then I decided I’d save my $40 and make a pretty quilt to serve that purpose. After measuring the counter space I wanted to cover, I knew our Tuesday Tutorial HST blocks were the perfect thing!

You’ll need your five blocks, plus 4 background pieces cut 8.5″ x 6.5″ (I used twelve 2.5″ x 8.5″ strips)

Lay them out like so..And sew the blocks into rows. You can arrange your 8″ blocks however you like, but the 6″ friendship star must go in the center. On rows 1 and 3, sew the background rectange to the blocks with the 8″ edges together.. On the center row, note that you need to turn the background rectangles the other way, sewing the shorter ends to the friendship star.

I used a slightly different off white and I like the subtle contrast with the white in the blocks.


I then glue basted, using a fabric for the backing that I have been hoarding for 6 years. I LOVE this print, and I have very little left of it.I used two layers of Dream Poly batting in white.


I have been wanting to try some circle quilting for a long time now and I knew it was perfect for this little quilt. After about 15 circle rounds, I had to take it back to the ironing board and smooth everything back out again. Even though I basted, I didn’t let it dry long enough and in sewing circles, I had to handle the quilt a lot, so there was some shifting. I only had a couple barely noticeable puckers on the back. I used a walking foot on my Kenmore to do the quilting. I simply drew a circle in the center  of the friendship star, and used the edge of the foot as a guide to keep spiraling out.



This backing fabric is one of my favourite prints ever. I used it for the binding too. Now I get to look at the pretty everyday!


Go Quilt Something!