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LDQ #54 Yay! I don’t have herpes!

Headsup.. I got weepy around the 33 minute mark..

That title isn’t what you’re thinking.. so before you run away screaming, let me explain that it’s a reference to glitter.. ya know, glitter is the herpes of the crafting world. It is incredibly easy to spread, and you can never get rid of it.

In the re-recording of this episode I totally forgot to talk about repairing old quilts.. derp derp derp… I forgot last episode too!! so let me just explain here. This quilt came into the shop and looked as if it had been washed.. vigorously. The seam allowance were worn away to nothing in some areas. The sashing fabrics were very thin and fragile.  I couldn’t just sew up the holes and then quilt it. The puckering was beyond troublesome. I called the owner and gave her the option of having me take it apart and rebuild it. I found fabrics in the shop that were very close in colour and value to replace the sashing. Before sewing it all back together, I used French Fuse on the back of the applique blocks to stablize them. I then trimmed them all to the same size.. 15″ x 22″




I am also working on another repair that is a machine applique Overall Sam quilt. I don’t have a picture of it, but I do have some advice.. It has a zigzag stitch holding down the appliques and some of the pieces are completely missing. I am hand appliqueing replacement pieces right up to the line of the red zigzag stitching that is still in place. It’s a perfect blend and hardly noticeable. If you are replacing appliques pieces on an already finished quilt, I recommend taking it over to a lightbox and tracing pieces to fit right into those spaces.. Don’t use original templates that may have been used when the quilt was made. This quilt has the original ones in a bag, but most of them do not match up.. whether that’s from shrinking and washing or simply a novice quilter’s skills, I don’t know. But the best way to get a good match to is to trace the space you need to fill.



Here’s my battle wound… please remove straight pins before giving a quilt top to your longarmer.. !



Here’s a pic collage of the art collage quilting class!


Here is the quilt I donated to the kids’ art club fundraising. It is quilted with a gorgeous blue and yellow variegated thread.


I know I am forgetting something… but that is what they make the edit button for.

I will post pics of the first raffle quilt, along with more info on how to buy tickets very soon.

Thanks for listening!


LDQ #53 Sleepbiking


I had so much to talk about that I yammered on for over an hour, and never got around to talking about what today’s topic was going to be.. SO.. I will save that for next time, and rest assured.. it’s actually quilt related. HA!

Here’s what I’m working on today..

Here’s some of my son’s artwork..


The metallic paint in this is amazing, but isn’t captured very well by my eye-phone :-)


And here he is, as a Senior in high school… *sniffle*


He was interviewed by the local news at Chuckfest :-)

Fabric Friday

Let’s talk about fabric, baby!

I’m working on cutting some scraps for the Scrapitude 2015 mystery. I decided to go a little organized this time round. I was less than happy with one of my 2014 Scrapitude tops and want to avoid future disappointment, so I’m playing it safe this time and going with a colour scheme. CITRUS!
So, I’ve pulled a mix of reds, oranges, pinks, fuchsias, and deep gold-yellows. I threw in a handful of brighter yellows too, and I like how the pile of cuts looks, but tine will tell if those make it into the quilt. When we start sewing I will be better able to make a decision about those. I don’t want to lose the design due to poor value choices..

I have a decision to make about background fabric that is more imminent. I can’t decide if I’m going to try to cut that from scraps, which I most certainly could, or use one fabric for all my background. I should stick to scraps since I have an overflowing drawer of neutrals..

On another note, at work we are busy cutting precuts out of the new Pat Sloan line, “One for you.. One for me”
It’s flipping adorbs! I’ll post a pic in a wrap up post, along with the fabric giveaway winners.

Finishing Friday

I’m determind that my finish for today will be my batik Scrapitude~2014 quilt top. DETERMINED!!
I’ve been spending just a few minutes each evening putting the blocks into rows. Though that’s not the way I prefer to work on projects, I have to admit that a few minutes here and there really helps to make progress. I’d much prefer to go into my sewing room, marathon sew, and not come out until the quilt top is pieced. A few hours of time, chunked together, would do it. I have three long seams left. Alas, life is getting in my way lately and I can only find little chunklets of time to sew. Using a fast machine (Singer 301A) does help to maximize my sewing time. I’m planning for an afternoon of sewing after work, in between my chauffeuring duties. My son will be driving soon, his last part of driver’s ed, the actual driving sessions, is scheduled for October. We waited a little late, he’s 17, but he wasn’t in a hurry to start driving. Now that the kids are doing more social things, it will be nice to have him driving and I can spend most afternoons quilting again.

For now, go quilt something! (Even if only for fifteen minutes)

Hey! It’s Throwback Thursday. Thank you to Quiltin’ Jenny for the idea!

TBT is all about the quilts we made before we were blogging. This is a pink pinwheels quilt that I made for my son’s kindergarten teacher who is also a quilter. He’s a senior now. It’s really cool that this lady has sought my quilting advice at work recently. :-)

I’ve come a long way from those pointless pinwheels.At least it was a handsewn binding!


Go Quilt Something!

WIP Wednesday

So many WIPs..

I am juggling several projects this week. I’ve got my current Twilter Round Robin for which I have made some circle of geese blocks. I’m adding some hand applique in the corners and then I will be ready to post it. This center is all neutrals and I love it so much. The pics of these projects can be found on the Flickr group.

Sandy posted cutting instructions last night for the 2015 edition of Scrapitude.. YAY!!!!! So I have started to think about fabrics, but haven’t pulled any yet, mainly because I thought it would be a great idea to sew my first set of Scrapitude 2014 blocks into rows before starting a new project.. what a concept! This one is all batiks and it may end up claimed by my daughter. She liked the colours. I’m using my Singer 301A and she is so fast. I call her Ginger. So, I did this Scrapitude a little bit differently. I’ve got one less row than the original, which jacks with the corner settings. I got creative and worked it out and I actually love the asymmetry here. If you look closely, you will see that the corners are slightly different.



I also need to carve out some time this week to finish my nephew’s Union Jack quilt.. I am thinking long straight lines of quilting that follow the piecing is what this is calling for..

Go Quilt Something!


Third Podcastaversary Giveaway

I have three prizes.

First is two prints.. 1.25 yards and 5/8 yard of two coordinating florals.

The second is 1 yard of a pansy print.

And third is 1.75 yards of a wine and cheese print.

These are all quilt shop quality, though a few years out of print.

Thanks for coming along with me for three great years!
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LDQ #52 The Naked Episode

You guys are my bestest friends :-)

I apologize for the crappy pics on the blog lately. My son, who is a senior this year, is taking photography, so my good camera is at school with him everyday… I have a child graduating high school!? WHAT THE WHAT!?!?

I’ll try to get a better shot of the quilt. The quilting looks amazing! I love the spiral lines around each block.

So it’s been three years since I started the podcast! stay tuned for a celebratory giveaway this week.

A new season ~ Sunday Stitching

Since I’m on the go so much these days, I’ve decided to try something new. I can blog from my phone, but I’m unable to upload pics to the blog that way. I can, however, upload pics to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr. I’m planning to try to blog more along the way as I’m working on things and then once a week, I’ll share pics to go with those projects, usually when I talk about them in a podcast episode. I’m hoping this format will allow me to blog more, keeping in contact with you all, and help me track my projects so that when I sit down to record, I’ll sorta have an outline ready to go.
I want to add several daily theme topics to help me organize my thoughts and my sewing time. I just don’t get enough personal sewing time these days! Don’t get me wrong, I like my job.. (Working in a quilt shop) But, there’s only so many identical tshirt quilts I can make before my eyes start to glaze over.. boredom sets in. We take in a lot of custom orders for tshirt quilts! The long arming is a little more creative for me, but my back and neck can only take so much of that. Still, I’m keeping up ok with the flow of custom quilting orders. Some days I crank out two or three if they are a simple design like meandering loop and if the quilt isn’t too big.
The first of these theme day topics will be Sunday Stitching. I spend every Sunday afternoon visiting with my dad and I like to have a hand stitching project ready to go. I’m currently working on a few different things. I have an embroidered, anatomically correct heart that I started while Dad was in the hospital. It’s over half done. I’ve been teaching myself to hand appliqué, and practicing on several blocks for my blue and white Dear Jane quilt. I specify the blue and white one because I’m toying with the idea of making the pink and yellow one too. I know!
Today I am stitching my favourite poem, Do Not Go Gentle, by Dylan Thomas, onto white fabric using a bright pacific blue thread. I’ve posted a picture on Instagram, so please feel free to follow me there. Or stay tuned for a pic in my weekly recap post.

Follow -up

Here are some pics to follow up with what I chatted about on the last episode.


I used green and white floss of unknown origin, in the same needle, to make the words in this one. This is stitched on Kona grey



This one is done with some lovely Aurifil floss that came on some nifty wooden spools.  Stitched on Southern Belle white


I used various floss of unknown origins on this one. I was using up leftover floss for practice, but everything will be perle cotton from here on out. This was stitched on Kona grey


And here’s a shot that shows some of the quilting detail on “Prego… but no bunnies”