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Back To School

I survived the Shop Hop. Goodness, that was a hectic couple of days. I’m not used to working all day, I usually work half a day. The craziness of the clearance sale made it extra hard. We did a lot of cutting and my wrist needs some rest so I will not be sewing on my day off. Not that I have lately anyway. I’m hoping I feel like sewing again after a break from the shop. Our last day is August 27. And then the cleaning starts.

I finally made time to edit and realised the episode I recorded last week didn’t save properly, so I need to start over. The idea exhausted me, so I’m walking away for a few days.

This week, I have to focus on hemming school uniform skirts, shopping for school supplies, and getting ready for school to start in three days! Yikes!

When things calm down in a few days, I’ll try again to record a podcast episode.