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LDQ #73 Jumping Time

Take Two! I lost the first file of this episode, so here goes the second take.

I talked about what’s happening at work, and what I will be doing when the shop closes at the end of this month.

I spent some time sharing my thoughts on what’s going on with the quilting industry, and how things are changing. While I still believe in supporting small businesses where we can, we have to accept that even with doing that, some shops will close. Probably a lot of them will close. The quilting industry has become bloated and consumers can no longer support it in the same way. The industry is changing. I think it’s like an over inflated  balloon, and the shops are the air inside. The balloon has popped, and as it contracts, some of the air inside will manage to be in protected spots, and remain there. Most of it will go away.

Some shops have multiple contributing factors like location and buying power, that will keep them afloat during the period of reduction. I hope some lovely quaint shops are still standing when this is all over. I hate to imagine a world where the only place I can actually see and feel the fabric I am buying is a big box store.

DISCLAIMER- PLEASE NOTE, I do not claim to be an expert on ANYTHING, whether it be quilting or economics. All my opinions are simply that, opinions, which are based on my observations of the world around me. I sometimes make generalizations in my podcast when I talk about groups of people, sometimes based on age and stage of life. I never mean to exclude or offend any groups. I can only comment on what I’ve seen, and experienced. Please don’t take it personally if you don’t fit into those sweeping generalizations that I sometimes make.  I KNOW THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS, AND SOMETIMES I AM JUST COMPLETELY OFF.

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  1. Jaye wrote:

    Sorry you lost the first episode. 🙁

    Opinions: your podcast your content. I think the fact that they are your opinions is a given. I do appreciate the disclaimer.

    I wonder if the owner of the quilt shop space can get a tax write-off when the space is empty?

    I think we, as Americans, are obsessed with money. I think we feel cheated if we pay full price for ANYTHING. You see people undercutting others on Etsy all the time so handmade isn’t immune. I think your comment about people asking every quilter they meet if they have thought of selling their quilts is an indication. I would really like it if we were happy with having enough – enough money, enough food, enough of everything, but didn’t have to go overboard on everything concerned with money.

    You have said that the machine isn’t in good condition and needs service. Will you have to spend more on the machine than you can get out of it?

    You are amazing! I can’t believe you timed the machine!!! Give yourself a lot of credit, girlfriend!

    Will the longarm business give you enough spending money to keep you comfy? Perhaps you should put a plastic tarp (oilcloth fabric???) over your projects while they are the longarm?

    Take care!

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