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September Block – Outlander Stitch Along

Yes, this would have been our September block, had I got it finished in time. I’m still catching up with everything.

This time we are stitching Jamie, Himself! You may leave out the whiskers if you prefer your Jamie clean shaven. Those little stitches are tedious! If you choose to do the facial hair, I suggest tiny, tiny stitches in a mixture of orange and gold threads. All the colour info is on the pattern.

You can download the pattern HERE

After working this pattern, I realised I am not completely satisfied with the Claire block I did. I will be revamping that one, and the revised pattern will automatically notify you from Craftsy if you have already downloaded that one. I want to put more details into her hair, and her shoulders to match with the style of the Jamie block.

Lallybroch is coming up soon, too! That’s an intense block, and I haven’t got it quite right yet either.


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  1. Jaye wrote:

    Nice beard!

    Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 11:43 am | Permalink