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LDQ #78 Feeling Magenta

Is that title confusing you? I am a huge fan of The Golden Girls. I am often quoting the show, and sometimes people don’t even know it and they just think I made a clever joke, all on my own. No. I am not funny. I steal all my material, lol. There was an episode where Blanche describes a sad mood as “feeling magenta” because it’s a horrible colour and goes with nothing. This always made me laugh, even though I don’t particularly dislike the colour magenta. I am also, not feeling particularly sad at this moment, because I just finished talking to you, and you always cheer me up. I am working hard to stay positive and not let in the holiday blues.. or the holiday magentas..

Speaking of magenta, I talked a lot about Clue 2 of the En Provence mystery hosted by Bonnie Hunter. I am so enjoying the process! I hope I love the finished quilt as much. If not, someone is going to get a gift with way more work put into it than I normally do for a gift.. haha!

I have decided to suspend the Outlander quilt along until after the holidays. I will have the last few remaining blocks ready before the spring, and we will pick up and finish then. We all just have so much going on this season, I didn’t think you guys would mind a wee break. I know several of you will appreciate the time to catch up anyway. Thanks for playing along!

Thank you for all the lovely comments, friends!

Twilt On!



  1. Jaye wrote:

    I was scared when you mentioned ‘Mishap Monday”. If you mention that again, please make sure you indicate right away whether there was any blood, so I don’t imaging you laying on the floor bleeding.

    My idea is to pull the En Provence fabrics as I go along. I haven’t started yet, though, so…

    Just call me your friendly neighborhood fabric store, but I have tons of magenta. If you send me a small scrap, I can see what I have and send you some.

    I think Lady of the Lake (the name) is the perfect block for you. I have always thought that since I saw a photo of you with your beautiful hair. That and something with Outlander. Who knows what connections my mind is making ! LOL! I think I read somewhere that there was some association with Arthur and Guinevere and the name of the block. I like the block as well. You might want to use the tutorial I have on my block to make the bunches of HSTs.

    I have a nice Olisio iron and found that I am having a hard time lifting it now that my arm is hurting me. I saw a Clover iron on Amazon that I put on my Christmas list.

    Ready for the next episode! Thanks for your hard work.

    Sunday, December 11, 2016 at 10:02 pm | Permalink
  2. Sally wrote:

    Looking forward to more Outlander blocks. I’m so sad that we have to wit until September for new shows!

    Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 4:01 pm | Permalink