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Outlander Stitch Along – A. Malcolm, Printer

I am not sure which number this is in the series, so let’s just call it a comeback block. I am working on a page where I will list a compilation of all the blocks for ease of use.

For now, let’s get stitching again! I need to re-stitch that A in AND. My markings had rubbed away and I couldn’t see it very well.. I think it came out a bit small. 😀

Any messy stitches you see are the fault of my needle..  (alright, my fingers) not the pattern.

Download the pattern for free, from Craftsy

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including more Outlander inspired embroidery blocks.

The following excerpt is taken from Voyager, Chapter 24, copyright 1994 by Diana Gabaldon

It was a longish, winding close, and the printshop was at the foot. There were thriving businesses and tenements on either side, but I had no attention to spare for anything beyond the neat white sign that hung on the door.



it said, and underneath this, Books, calling cards, pamphlets, broadsheets, etc.

I stretched out my hand and touched the black letters of the name. A. Malcolm. Alexander Malcolm. James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser. Perhaps.

Another minute and I would lose my nerve. I shoved open the door and walked in.

There was a broad counter across the front of the room, with an open flap in it, and a rack to one side that held several trays of type. Posters and notices of all sorts were tacked up on the opposite wall; samples, no doubt.

The door into the back room was open, showing the bulky angular frame of a printing press. Bent over it, his back turned to me, was Jamie.

“Is that you Geordie?” he asked, not turning around. He was dressed in shirt and breeches, and has a small tool of some kind in his hand, with which he was doing something to the innards of the press. “Took ye long enough. Did ye get the–“

“It isn’t Geordie,” I said. My voice was higher than usual. “It’s me,” I said. “Claire.”

He straightened up very slowly. He wore his hair long; a thick tail of a deep, rich auburn sparked with copper. I had time to see that the neat ribbon that tied it back was green, and then he turned around.

He stared at me without speaking. A tremor ran down the muscular throat as he swallowed, but still he didn’t say anything.

It was the same broad, good-humored face, dark blue eyes aslant the high, flat cheekbones of a Viking, long mouth curling at the ends as though always on the verge of smiling. The lines surrounding the eyes and mouth were deeper, of course. The nose had changed just a bit. The knife-edge bridge was slightly thickened near the base by the ridge of an old, healed fracture. It made him look fiercer, I thought, but lessened that air of aloof reserve, and lent his appearance a new rough charm.

I walked through the flap in the counter, seeing nothing but that unblinking stare. I cleared my throat.

“When did you break your nose?”

The corners of the wide mouth lifted slightly.

“About three minutes after I saw ye last–Sassenach.”

There was a hesitation, almost a question in the name. There was no more than a foot between us. I reached out tentatively and touched the tiny line of the break, where the bone pressed white against the bronze of his skin.

He flinched backward as though an electric spark had arced between us, the calm expression shattered.

“You’re real,” he whispered. I had thought him pale already. Now all vestiges of color drained from his face. His eyes rolled up and he slumped to the floor in a shower of papers and oddments that had been sitting on the press–he fell rather gracefully for such a large man, I thought abstractedly.

~end excerpt~



  1. Ellen wrote:

    Ta! Looking forward to getting on with this one. When I’m next in Edinburgh I’ll try and take a photo of one or two of the closes for you.

    Friday, April 28, 2017 at 12:39 pm | Permalink
  2. Sally Murray wrote:

    Delighted to see these starting up again! Now if I can only find the previous ones….

    Sunday, May 14, 2017 at 3:39 pm | Permalink
  3. Lazydaisy wrote:

    I will work on making a page with all of them listed, in the meantime you can find them all in my Craftsy store. Follow the link above and then click on “more patterns by this designer”

    Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 6:29 pm | Permalink