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Layer Cake Explosion – Step Two

Here we are! Step Two!
Start by choosing sixteen (16)  5″ charm squares, and sub-cut them into sixty-four (64) 2.5″ mini charm squares.

From your background fabric, cut eighty (80)
2.5″ mini charms.

Arrange and piece these units into sixteen (16) nine patch
blocks, with the background fabric taking more spots than your focus fabrics. See below if that sounds confusing.

From your background fabric, cut strips 2 1/8” wide and use them to attach a border to each block, to bring this up to a 9.5” block.

You could also overcut the strips at 2.5″ or 3″ and then press and trim the block down to 9.5″. This is helpful for beginners or anyone who struggles with accuracy or seam allowance consistency.

Make 16 of these blocks.

Happy Stitching!

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