Outlander Stitch Along – Block One

Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderfully blessed holiday season. Are you ready to dive into some stitching? ME TOO! Our first block is the standing stones where Claire’s exciting adventure begins.

I’ve chosen to use specific colours for my Outlander blocks. All the numbers given are for Presencia colours. You could follow me, or you may prefer to choose your own, or do redwork, or blackwork. I’ve given the colours of thread I used on the pattern itself, so you have all the info you need on one print out. Our blocks will finish at 8″ and we will have at least 12 designs, one coming out at the beginning of each month in 2016. There may be a few bonus blocks, but I am promising at least 12 🙂

I am using a small, 6″ hoop, and Pepper Cory’s Big Stitch Quilting Needles, simply because they have huge eyes, and I don’t have to fight to get the thick perle cottons threaded onto my needle. I move my hoop as needed. I’m using Kona Cotton in the “Bone” colour because I thought these would look nicer on a softer tone instead of stark white. It is also a lot easier to stitch through than the tightly woven muslin I used for my Dr Who blocks.  This will reduce finger fatigue quite a lot and eliminate that maddening needle squeak that happens with tight fabrics. You do want something fairly light and neutral for these designs.

Cut your background square about 10″ so there’s enough for the hoop to grab onto. I mark an 8″ square on my fabric using the same marking pencil I am using to trace the picture. I am using a silver marking pencil that washes out. Use whichever kind you prefer, as long as it washes out. You may want to test this first!

When you print your pattern, make sure to click “print actual size”

Trace your pattern onto your fabric, and you are ready to go! If you don’t have a lightbox, simply tape it to a window for tracing.

I am using a simple outline stitch or backstitch for these blocks. I try not to use any big knots on the back, instead I weave about an inch of each thread tail into some stitches. When starting, I simply stitch over my thread tail to secure it. You may choose to change it up with some stem stitches, chain stitches, lazy daisy stitches, whatever you like. This can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. There may even be some opportunity for beads and baubles later on.

Pay special attention to any stitching lines that go all the way to your drawn 8″ barrier. You don’t want to stitch past those. Those are your finished sewing lines and you don’t want to cut off any parts of hand stitching when you trim your block, because your embroidery will come out.

Let’s get stitching!

Click Here to download this free pattern

10 thoughts on “Outlander Stitch Along – Block One

  1. Gaila Coursey says:

    I’ve been looking for something to get back into embroidering. This might just be it. Thanks

  2. Gayle Grier says:

    Hi Daisy, thanks so much for the Outlander Stitch Along. I look forward to getting started. I am reading the Outlander books for the second time and love watching the Starrs’ TV series. Must add a quilt to my Outlander collection!

  3. YAY! Outlander Patches/Stitching! Thank you very much for sharing them with us, Daisy! One more of my fandoms being covered for fandom quilts in future! 😀

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