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Outlander Stitch Along – Block 3 – L’Heure Bleue

The following quotes are taken from Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 1 A New Beginning Copyright (c) 1991 by Diana Gabaldon. All rights reserved.

With as yet no house of my own to keep, I had little that needed buying, but enjoyed myself in browsing among the newly replenished shelves, for the pure joy of seeing lots of things for sale again. It had been a long time of rationing, of doing without the simple things like soap and eggs, and even longer without the minor luxuries of life, like L’Heure Bleue cologne.

No water in the ewer; Frank had used it, tidying himself before setting out for his meeting with Mr. Bainbridge, and I had not bothered to refill it from the lavatory tap. I picked up the bottle of L’Heure Bleue and poured a generous puddle into the palm of my hand. Rubbing my hands briskly together before the scent could evaporate, I smoothed them rapidly through my hair. I poured another dollop onto my hairbrush and swept the curls back behind my ears with it.

Well that was rather better, I thought, turning my head from side to side to examine the results in the speckled looking glass. The moisture had dissipated the static electricity in my hair, so that it floated in heavy, shining waves about my face. And the evaporating alcohol had left behind a very pleasant scent. Frank would like that, I thought. Le’Heure Bleue was his favourite

“What’s the matter?” I said. “Seen a ghost?”

“Well, you know,” he said slowly, “I’m not at all sure that I haven’t.” Absentmindedly, he picked up my hairbrush and raised it to tidy his hair, When a sudden whiff of L’Heure Bleue reached his nostrils, he wrinkled his nose and set it down again, settling for the attentions of his pocket comb instead.


How are you progressing with your Outlander blocks? I’m posting the March block a few days early, as I expect to be busy over the weekend. I hope you’re enjoying these. As you may have guessed, this month, we are stitching a bottle of Claire’s perfume, L’Heure Bleue. I had a lot of fun with this block. I chose a pretty shade of peacock blue. If you don’t like it, please feel free to choose your own colours for your quilt.

For the next two months, March and April, we will have our regular monthly patterns, and two bonus patterns each month. I am so enjoying making these that I can’t limit myself to one per month. They will be patterns of quotes from the books that we know and love. These bonus blocks are simpler and generally faster to make than the others. You don’t have to make the bonus blocks if you don’t want to. You’ll still have your basic 12 blocks to make a nice layout for your quilt. I will be offering a couple different layouts to choose from, in slightly different sizes, so you will have plenty options.

Happy Stitching!

March Pattern – L’Heure Bleue