Very Lazy Daisy

Hi, I’m Daisy.

I am passionate about quilting, and I love to read. I often mention what I’m reading in addition to talking about my quilting projects. I can get a little rambly at times, but I’m usually able to bring it back around.


I have been quilting for seventeen years and there has been a lot of trial and error along the way. I hope the information I share through my blog and podcast can be helpful to you, or at least make you laugh.


I’ve been a professional longarm quilter at my local quilt shop for two and a half years, and have recently decided it’s time to work for myself. If you are interested in having me work on your quilt, please take a look at my samples and pricing, and contact me for more info.

One thought on “Very Lazy Daisy

  1. tina ottolino says:

    One word “Delightful!” Thanks for bringing some southern charm to the desert southwest.
    Tina in North Vegas, NV

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