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LDQ #80 Mysteriously Quick and Dirty

Hi guys!

This episode is short, and I talk pretty fast. I tried to squeeze it into the small window when my house was empty today.

As mentioned in a previous post, I am right on track with the En Provence Mystery Quilt from Bonnie Hunter. I’m still working on my Lady of the Lake quilt, and I finally but the borders on my Doctor Who Embroidered Quilt. More pics of that one to come as I quilt and finish it. Here is a sneak peek. This picture makes me realise how awful the lighting is in my sewing room. Bah! I hope to take some pics of it outside this week. It’s too big to get the whole thing in a shot, as it is on my design wall.

Let’s Get Twilty!

I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world…

I know this will look richer once we have added the greens and golds.. right now it looks very much like my childhood bedroom, with pink and purple Barbie accessories strewn everywhere.

Here’s my progress thus far on En Provence.

I don’t know if I will squeeze out a podcast episode this week.. everyone has wonky holiday schedules and I can’t find a moment when the house is empty. We shall see.


Step Away From the Nyquil

I have succumbed to the funk. And this is not the good kind of funk you can shake your booty to, nor does it originate in the vicinity of Uptown.

I’ve spent the last couple days in bed with sinus funk. When my sinuses go wonky, my balance gets really bad. I miss my sewing machine so I am stepping away from the nyquil bottle so I can take up the rotary cutter for a while. Who knows how long it will last. I may be back to bed in fifteen minutes, who’s to say?

I was browsing through all the pics online from the various mysteries going on and I have to get up and get some fabric back into my hands.

Here is a short list of some of the mystery quilt events that are ongoing.

En Provence by Bonnie Hunter of

Peace Love Quilt- A mystery from Loveshack Quilts

Meadow Mystery Quilt

A Murder Mystery Quilt ?! I love murder mysteries. I wish I had found this sooner!

LDQ #79 Purple Patches

I’m right on track with Clue 3 of En Provence, and I’m linking up. I am so enjoying seeing all the posts on Instagram from those of you participating. Here’s where I am. Spinning those seams, again. I didn’t have a wide variety of light purples, but I think it will work out just fine.


I made a quilt for my friend Amy, in our Fat Quarter Xmas Swap. THIS QUILT was the inspiration, and here is my interpretation.

Rainbow Wedge


The quilt I received in this swap makes me very very happy! The close up of the quilting highlights the hummingbirds stitched in bright pink thread!



Let’s Get Twilty!



LDQ #78 Feeling Magenta

Is that title confusing you? I am a huge fan of The Golden Girls. I am often quoting the show, and sometimes people don’t even know it and they just think I made a clever joke, all on my own. No. I am not funny. I steal all my material, lol. There was an episode where Blanche describes a sad mood as “feeling magenta” because it’s a horrible colour and goes with nothing. This always made me laugh, even though I don’t particularly dislike the colour magenta. I am also, not feeling particularly sad at this moment, because I just finished talking to you, and you always cheer me up. I am working hard to stay positive and not let in the holiday blues.. or the holiday magentas..

Speaking of magenta, I talked a lot about Clue 2 of the En Provence mystery hosted by Bonnie Hunter. I am so enjoying the process! I hope I love the finished quilt as much. If not, someone is going to get a gift with way more work put into it than I normally do for a gift.. haha!

I have decided to suspend the Outlander quilt along until after the holidays. I will have the last few remaining blocks ready before the spring, and we will pick up and finish then. We all just have so much going on this season, I didn’t think you guys would mind a wee break. I know several of you will appreciate the time to catch up anyway. Thanks for playing along!

Thank you for all the lovely comments, friends!

Twilt On!


LDQ #77 Starting a new quilt

In this episode, I talk about starting a new quilt, the Bonnie Hunter Winter Mystery called En Provence. It grew on me and I am enjoying the first clue, which can be found on Bonnie’s blog at This project has me looking forward to each Friday again after a long dry spell of no inspiration and not feeling like sewing at all. It has jump started me into thinking about another new project, which I have already started, and will talk about next week. I started a  new shawl that isn’t as fuzzy as the moonlight shawl, though I still plan to finish both.

The book I recommended this week is:

The Apartment by S.L. Grey (which is a collaboration between Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg




LDQ #76 Bodice Chillers

Moonlight Shawl




My Handy Man


September Block – Outlander Stitch Along

Yes, this would have been our September block, had I got it finished in time. I’m still catching up with everything.

This time we are stitching Jamie, Himself! You may leave out the whiskers if you prefer your Jamie clean shaven. Those little stitches are tedious! If you choose to do the facial hair, I suggest tiny, tiny stitches in a mixture of orange and gold threads. All the colour info is on the pattern.

You can download the pattern HERE

After working this pattern, I realised I am not completely satisfied with the Claire block I did. I will be revamping that one, and the revised pattern will automatically notify you from Craftsy if you have already downloaded that one. I want to put more details into her hair, and her shoulders to match with the style of the Jamie block.

Lallybroch is coming up soon, too! That’s an intense block, and I haven’t got it quite right yet either.


LDQ Episode #75 Bears and Birds

I talked a lot of quilting in this episode, and I finally got borders added to an old UFO. The second picture shows the fabrics better. Crossing my fingers I can get this quilted soon!

I am doing a chapter by chapter discussion of the book I am enjoying.

Birds in the Air by Frances O’Roark Dowell.

Pick up your copy today and follow along. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Twilt On!

A Fall Finish

For the first time in a long while, I can say I finished something. This is a quilt I started many years ago and finally quilted it last week, right before the longarm broke (again)

I started with a charm pack of the Salt Box Harvest line. I made half square triangles that are bisected by a strip of neutral beige batik through the diagonal. I set them in a grid and the secondary design of a lattice naturally formed. It was a weird number of blocks so I added an asymmetrical set of borders. I quilted it with an allover swirl in the borders that I am obsessed with. I used loops and Paisley on the blocks. I did a machine binding this past weekend, and of course it’s a stripe. The backing is a fun print with recipes printed on it. I have enough left of it for the next Fall quilt.


I’m calling this quilt The Axeman of New Orleans because I was listening to a true crime podcast while quilting this one. I even put it on the quilt label!  If you’re into that sort of thing, check out Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories. Their format is nice. They include a discussion of the facts of each case, but they also have dramatic voice overs to help tell the story. Their attempt at New Orleans accents weren’t quite right, but actors rarely get those right, so I give them some slack on that. Overall, it’s a great podcast.

Yay Fall!

(It’s still sweltering here)