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Outlander Stitch Along – Thistle

The national flower of Scotland, the thistle, has a rich and interesting history. Read more about its history and legends at the Scottish at Heart website. Find the free pattern here!  

Outlander Stitch Along – A. Malcolm, Printer

I am not sure which number this is in the series, so let’s just call it a comeback block. I am working on a page where I will list a compilation of all the blocks for ease of use. For now, let’s get stitching again! I need to re-stitch that A in AND. My markings […]

September Block – Outlander Stitch Along

Yes, this would have been our September block, had I got it finished in time. I’m still catching up with everything. This time we are stitching Jamie, Himself! You may leave out the whiskers if you prefer your Jamie clean shaven. Those little stitches are tedious! If you choose to do the facial hair, I […]

Outlander Stitch Along – The belated August block- Claire Fraser

I finally got this one done. I love this block so much. I think it may be my favourite so far. Can you guess what the next block will be? *wink wink* Click Here for the Pattern

Outlander stitch along delay

Hey guys, I had hoped to have the August block ready by now, but I’m afraid it will be delayed a bit longer. Just wanted you to know I’m working on it.  

Outlander Stitch Along

Happy Wednesday Twilters! For those stitching along, I wanted to let you know that the August Outlander block is going to be a bit late. I hope to have the pattern uploaded by this time next week. I’m actually still stitching the sample Ack! With things getting busy at work, and prepping for our final back […]

Outlander Stitch Along – July – Map of Scotland

Our July block is a fun one, and it’s not as challenging as it looks. Again, we are working with an outline or backstitch, nothing fancy. I used two strands for the place names, but I tested a piece with one strand of floss, and it worked a little easier, so use your preference there. […]

Outlander Stitch Along- June- Je Suis Prest – I am Ready

The June block for the Outlander Stitch Along is ready. Click here to download the pattern  

Outlander Stitch Along

Our bonus blocks are a few days late this month because I’ve been distracted by the after effects of a fender bender. I’m mostly ok, but have some neck pain and an unbearable roaring/ringing in my ears. Here are two more Jamie-isms from Outlander for your stitching pleasure.   Mo Nighean Donn   Your Face […]

Outlander Stitch Along – Block 4 – Dragonfly in Amber

Here’s our April block for the Outlander Stitch Along. In honor of season two of the tv series, and of my extreme love of the second book in the series, this month we are stitching  Dragonflye in Amber. During re-reads of The Books, DiA became my favourite. I love all the political intrigue in France, […]